About Us

Avalanche Is Specialized In Engineering And Manufacturing
Of Surgical And Orthopedic Instruments.

The entire Administration and Production Management is trained in line with German Surgical and Orthopedic Instrument engineering and manufacturing standards.

Engineering and manufacturing profession is one of the top priorities at Avalanche Med.

Manufacturing of General and custom made Surgical Instruments

Designing of Surgical Instruments

Our Products

Specialized In Manufacturing Surgical Instruments

such as Bone Rongeurs, Needle Holders, Tweezers, Bone Holding Forceps, Mallets, Bone Levers, Elevators and much more.

Open Surgical Ligating Appliers

Boxlock Bone Cutters & Rongeurs

Double Action Rongeurs & Cutters

TC Needle Holders


Bone Holders & Reduction Forceps

Wire Cutters

Various Forceps


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